Shameless Pugs and Plugs

Here’s some shameless pugs:


And here’s some shameless plugs:

My friend and co-worker Josh is lead singer of the band Soundscape Soul. They’ve already advanced to the final round of a Famecast competition (think online American Idol) and if they make the top five, Josh and the band fly to Austin to record a live one hour webcast finale performance. The grand prize is $10,000 and the chance for a contract. I want Josh to win. If he wins, I might get to tag along with him to Texas to recruit camp teachers. Also, he’s really talented.

Here’s where I become all Ryan Seacrest. Josh needs your votes, and it only takes a minute. Go to this website, create an account, listen and vote for Soundscape Soul. I would never promote his music if it wasn’t any good. I never did this for Jewel when she asked.

Secondly, my friend John McGrew–winner of the Rue did she wash her McClanahans? contest and future roommate–has a gig at the Crash Mansion next Wed., March 28th, at 8:30PM. You need to hear this man live. Seriously. One day, I’ll be timing him in the bathroom. He won’t be eligible to win his own contest, though.


One response to “Shameless Pugs and Plugs

  1. Where in the world did you find a photo of a pug orgy? Are you surfing the internet for animal sex photos again? I thought we’d gotten over that.

    It’s kind of turning me on. is that weird?

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