(G)old Fish

Today my boss ran out to get fish. After cleaning the tank where algae goes to die, he decided–on a Friday at 1PM–that we absolutely had to have more fish.

An hour later, he came back with this:


I don’t know if you can tell, but this goldfish, aside from having some serious head growths, also has eye cancer. His healthier breathren cost $18, but because he’s the aquatic equivalent of one of these people, he fetched a mere $8. A mere $8! What a steal!

The man who bought the bargain fish makes six figures a year.


3 responses to “(G)old Fish

  1. that cant be a fish for god’s sake…damn its soo ugly..
    though i love fish and i got a goldfish as well..his name is jim and guess wut after having him for quite a while i realised that he had put more than 100 eggs and who is the mother 😀 ??i have no clue..but looks like my jimmy is the mother who was rapped by another goldfish..lol…wut if ur boss’ fish is the father?lool
    u gotta feed the old fish..i mean the goldfish cuz it looks soo skinny
    but feeding fish alot might cause its death…i say..get rid of it.. 😛

  2. Aww, poor little thing.

    It baffles me how some people go through all this trouble to save money in something so trivial as a fish, but think nothing of spending large sums of money on other things.

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