Goldfish, Part Deux

Ashley, Josh, and I are in charge of ordering from Staples. In the past I viewed this as a chore. Then I discovered that Staples sells food.


Basically, we’ve turned the office into a kind of 9th floor bomb shelter.

This is the carb cubby, or, as I like to call it, the carby hole. I spent a good half-hour arranging it.


Now there are distinct Easy Mac, Goldfish/Chex Mix, and popcorn cubbies. Twizzlers wouldn’t fit in the photo frame.

What else can you get from Staples? Viennese Wafers for starters. Ramen. Tuna Salad with Crackers. Cadburry Eggs. Sliced Peaches. I think that’s all four food groups.

Yesterday at 5PM, Boss caught me sneaking an Easy Mac in my purse. We had to review Staples snack guidelines.

Boss: “Dude, that stuff is for the office. It has to stay here.”
Me: “OK. Wait. Even the Goldfish? Can I have a snack on the train?”
Boss: “Everything stays here.”
Me: “OK. But wait. What if I eat lunch outside by the water? Can I take Chex-Mix? It’s still on company time.”
Boss: (pause) “I don’t know.”

Ah, Staples. That was Easy (Mac)!


6 responses to “Goldfish, Part Deux

  1. Next up, Ritz Crackers and Courvoisier!

  2. Rebecca you shouldn’t admit to stealing anything right now. not while Joseph is hot on the trail of the infamous Gutenburg thief…

  3. I don’t think a bomb shelter on the 9th floor is such a great idea… but I’ll stay for the chex mix.

  4. becca, i know you have an affinity for stealing, but it’s probably not wise to steal something that costs $0.99 that could cost you your regular paycheck. just some staples food for thought… 🙂

    love you miss you!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CALL ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Cami, please see the Message post. Only 5 exclaimation marks are needed to get me to do something. 😉

  6. She’s right, Cami. I tried to get Rebecca to do something with !!!! at the end of the sentence, and it turns out I came up just a ! short… lame!

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