I’ve been interviewing a lot of Psychology Teachers for summer camp, which has prompted me to make a Johari. Johari sounds like a Robin Williams movie about a magical boardgame and jungle animals. It’s not. It’s really a grid of mapped adjectives. Created by Joseph Luft and Harry Ingham in 1955, a Johari reveals discrepancies between how we view ourselves and how others view us.

I’ve picked six adjectives from the Johari list. These are the adjectives I feel best represent me. The next step is for you, my readers, to choose five or six adjectives that you feel best represent me. I prefer that only readers who actually know me participate. If you follow my blog and have never met me, but feel that my poignant and educated entries have touched and forever changed your life in incalculable ways, then by all means, Johari away. (You might want to select “conceited.”)

I don’t understand exactly how Johari works, but I’m hoping I’ll end up with a colorful grid I can print and hang in a .99 cent frame over my desk so that when my boss loses his cool and makes childish demands I can say “No” and point to Johari as evidence that I am right.

Click here to link to my Johari.

I’ll reveal the results next week.

Also, while we’re on the topic of psychology, I’ve always wanted my own advice column. For awhile I thought it might be called “Ann Panders” since a panderer is a go-between in sexual affairs, kind of like a pimp, and I could help couples iron out intimacy wrinkles. For money. Whoever pays me more gets the advice he or she wants. I’ve since decided this is stupid. (You might want to mark “wise” on my Johari.)

But I do still want an advice column, so if you’d like to write me and ask an anonymous question, I promise to offer you droll yet sensible guidance and feature it on my blog. You can write me at I created this account just for my column.

Meredith Baxter Birny played the mother on Family Ties.


Elise gave such great advice.


2 responses to “Johari

  1. Was Judith Light taken????????

  2. I just noticed that you have John Ritter and Karen Carpenter on your list as “no gos” at Gutenberg. Becca, they’re dead. poor taste…poor, poor taste.


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