A Pennywhistle for Your Thoughts

Yesterday, over 3000 readers visited Trybecca as a result of Gawker’s Blogorrhea link to my American Apparel post—which, by the ironic way, featured an American Apparel ad alongside their teaser “American Apparel does dark things to women.”

One Gawker reader had this to say about my photograph:

Cap sleeves tread a fine line between “bicep-defining” and “Ren faire.” I tend to think Trybecca’s shirt is treading the wrong side of that line, but she rocks it regardless.


Strangers critiquing my wardrobe…I feel a little like a celebrity. Minus the crotch shots. Also, I had to look up Ren Faire. Turns out it’s slang for Renaissance Festival. There’s a pennywhistle gathering dust in my closet so maybe I can finally put it to use.

Most days I want to give up on the blogging. Then I realize it’s either blog or answer the phones at work. So I power forward.

I began Trybecca in January (at first I wrote “sired”—must be the Ren Faire shirt) and ever since, it’s been a slow crawl towards subscriptions. I don’t understand how blogs about spyware can secure thousands of readers a day. Spyware. I write about toilets and Steve Guttenberg. I’m doing everything I can!

And then, in the swoop of a high traffic hour, I’m the fastest growing blog on WordPress. American’t Apparel ranks in the top ten hottest posts. That’s out of 892,909 blogs. So I’m feeling pretty good, good enough to celebrate on my front stoop with three-buck chuck (the price went up), Mexican food, and friends.

Why am I doing this? Of course I want a weekly column or book contract. I want to get paid to lounge around in sushi-print silk pajamas. I want to lean out the window and berate Mr Softee for circling my neighborhood (Mr Loudee!) when I’m trying to write about Alec Baldwin’s parenting skills, becausehave a deadline and I  can’t come up with anything. Although if I could, it would involve Mr Baldwin phoning up his daughter to leave that message again, using this.

If you are one of the 3000 and returning, thank you. Introduce yourself. Let me know what you think, and yes, I do take requests.


4 responses to “A Pennywhistle for Your Thoughts

  1. Not thinking straight

    i just stumbled across you blog, i too wonder why i am doing this most days, well like you if i wasnt thinking of what to dribble on about on my blog then i would have to do some work, and i really dont like the sound of that.
    blogging is weird i think, kind of liek being you own therapist in an odd type (type, get it) fashion,




  2. Dear Trybecca, I feel that I should tell you, before others do, that his name is Alec Baldwin, not Alex. And of course that you are hilarious as always

  3. I would have to mistype for over 3000 people. I fixed it. Would you like to be my proof reader, or are you too busy assisting Liza Manelli? Shit, I spelled that one wrong, too!

  4. Don’t give up on the blog. You’re good. As for misspelling Alec Baldwin’s name, I wouldn’t worry. Old Alec couldn’t spell Ackter then he was one. Not! visit me at http://www.SandySays.wordpress.com I have a funny Christmas story called Claus and the Consultant on my latest post and a reference to Alec’s acting ability is buried in it.

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