Happy Administrative John McGrew Day

In the midst of all this American Apparel hooplah my online purchases arrived in the office. Yes, I bought the $12 terry cloth tube dress. It was on sale. I typically proceed with caution when I see “terry cloth” and “tube” used to describe clothing, but it turned out towel-rific! This time I posed by the printer and recycled paper, in honor of Administrative Professionals Day.

I dig this dress. It makes me feel like Julie on “The Love Boat.” I would definitely wear this dress to a “Bachelor” rose ceremony.

As most of you know, I head up Human Resources for a small summer camp provider. My boss tosses dead goldfish out our 9th story window and leaves passive aggressive notes on my keyboard. This morning, he enthusiastically explained how a warm-water enema can reveal intestinal worms. I love it here.

But, because you aren’t a true New Yorker unless you hold multiple jobs, I supplement my low start-up salary by working nights at Gutenberg! The Musical! In my brief time at Concessions, I’ve shown Dustin Hoffman the bathroom and sold Steve Guttenberg bottled water. I’m glad I went to Grad School.

The winner of my Rue Will She Wash Her McClanahans? contest, John McGrew, was promised his picture on Trybecca.


I wanted John to choose a picture where he’s wearing American Apparel, but whatever. John is my old college friend and future roommate. I do not practice nepotism on Trybecca. It just so happens he was the only entrant to foresee Rue McClanahan’s fickleness. That is why he will never get tricked into being her sixth husband.

John’s a musician. He has a gig tonight at 8PM at Crash Mansion. Because it’s Administrative Professionals Day, and your boss will let you leave early, and the show is free, you should treat yourself to dinner on the Corporate card and come.

He’s so talented he can climb a tree with a trumpet! And look at the glare off that brass. I just know he’s going to do our dishes.


Download songs here.


4 responses to “Happy Administrative John McGrew Day

  1. Happy AJM Day!! Wow.. I was way too lazy to type that whole thing out.. lame on me…

  2. A certain Miss Vodka Stinger told me of your blogging success. Your blog is fabulous. It was lovely to meet you (and your cousin) on Easter. That dress really does say Julie from “The Love Boat.” It also says Ginger from “Gilligans Island” perhaps you could have SS Minnow embroidered on the side?

  3. mmmh… john mcgrew day… I approve. Tell him I’m sorry I had to miss the show but I was busy downing pints and watching football and being a hooligan. yeah.

  4. Julie ‘the cruise director’ from The Love Boat was my first love.

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