I’ve Got One Poem in My Pocket, and the Other One is Hailing a Taxi Cab

Happy New York City Poem in Your Pocket Day. I’m packing this. How about you?

Rosie O’Donald posted a 9/11 poem on her blog that’s quite moving. You can find it here.

Oh, and I have reason to believe my parents might be reading Trybecca, or at least Tuesday’s post. My father just sent me these:



A rocking chair. And a four poster bed. I noticed the jpeg “saved as” names. RockingChair1…that would imply a RockingChair2 and a RockingChair3, right? I guess a good photographer never settles for just one shot of the furniture.

I had such a fun time with my American’t Apparel post that I thought I’d invite readers to suggest other ill-fit for me to try-on. When you comment, include a link to the misguided article of clothing: boxy, buxom, drab, mesh, laced, pilled, bejeweled, shellaced…I’ll pick the three most questionable, try them on in-store, photograph myself and some unlucky friends, and report back. Be creative, but remember: clothing needs to be available in New York City. Please note that I will not model underwear. Anything else is fair lame!

Oh, and click here to vote for me:


One response to “I’ve Got One Poem in My Pocket, and the Other One is Hailing a Taxi Cab

  1. Oh hello…… I was just lurking and pushed the wrong button…… I hit your flame icon too…. I hope it wasn’t a bugged.

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