Trybecca is getting attention over at Gawker and Glamour, and I couldn’t be more excited. I’m all about good press from disyllabic G blogs! Alyssa, who writes for Glamour online, directed her readers my way and suggested we collaborate. She’s also about to turn thirty in the city. We can double date Davids.

This Sunday marks the final performance of Gutenberg! The Musical! It hasn’t gotten a bad review that I know of, which makes closing day that much harder. It’s like getting dumped because you’re amazing and the audience just has low self-esteem. Maybe my blog can generate enough last minute ticket sales to save the show. Saved by the blog.

It also saddens me that I won’t have celebrities to time, unless I can convince them to come to Pacific Standard. There I can ply them with drinks so they’ll have to pee even more. Which reminds me—I really need a mixlogy book. I’m going to invent the Trybecca. Any reader ideas of what that might be?

If you haven’t seen Gutenberg yet, tickets are still available for the following performances:

Friday 8PM
Sat 7PM & 10PM
Sun 3PM & 7PM

If you are famous, or at least a C list celebrity, and would like to see the show, and agree to pose for a Trybecca publicity shot with me, I’ll get you in for free. An example of a solid C-list celebrity might be Steve Burns from Blues Clues. A C-list celebrity can ride the subway for at least ten stops and not get recognized. A C-list celebrity is primarily linked to his or her costume and/or cartoon co-stars.


(You can write me if you are unsure of your status.)

I sure will miss my boys.



2 responses to “Gut-Bye

  1. “Jerry Springer The Musical” had the same problem in London. I understand the celebrity toilet timer is currently appearing in “Dancing With Stars” in your country. She married some “A” lister but it all went wrong.

    David Ross

  2. I feel like the drink needs to have some combo with pear vodka…it just feels right. I know. I have had insomnia issues over Gutenberg

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