This Week’s Top 5 Bad Ideas

5) Hosting the 2012 Olympics on a high risk former Blitz bomb site. (BBC)

4) Declining an invitation to Her Majesty’s dinner party because you’re “too busy.” (Daily Mail)

3) Protesting Paris Hilton’s upcoming incarceration. (Live Journal)

2) Talking in the limo. (ABC)

1) Opening the 9th story office window overlooking the East River, suggesting an air horn to frighten the boaters below. Searching online for one. (Boss)


2 responses to “This Week’s Top 5 Bad Ideas

  1. #5 isn’t funny… not funny at all… LOL!

    Now this is funny:

    Free Paris! Free her from the life she’s living and send her ass to jail! w00t! 😉

  2. Only the 1 bad idea for me:
    Directing your first internet crush (Trybecca) to your blog without realising that she works in HR when your blog contains a rant about the pointlessness of HR.

    David “this could only happen to me” Ross

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