boss moonstone potion crazy resign

I’m having a really hard time at work. Today, while I strained my eyes entering in yet more Excel data, Boss browsed Craigslist for a boat. He scrolled with one hand. He had to, because the other hand was holding a drumstick and beating out the bass line to Superstitious on XM radio.

There’s some festering antagonism between me and Boss. I need to address the problem but it turns out I have a touch of the passive-aggressives (hence the blog). We’re constantly one-uping each other with snarky attitude. Maybe I should say one-oping, since we’re quibbling over operations.

Since I’ve lived in New York, I’ve grown more self-assertive. About some things. Self-assertion only works against the rational. I’m afraid I can’t muster enough energy for the Boss talk, and even if I could, it would be like an Evolutionist showing a Creationist her fossil collection.

Instead, I sit cross-legged at my desk and google angry search terms. Like:

boss hair fire spell pay raise

which, unfortunately, only got me to a bunch of role-playing sites and a Harry Potter trivia page.

I really liked this one:

boss ADD trick leave work early

which led me to Productivity501. The article was earnest but ultimately unhelpful. I doubt I can shorten my commute by convincing Boss to let me work from home. I would have a greater chance of convincing him to buy the boat and let me work from shore.

No no, the meaty keywords are always Wicken:

chant boss amulet change

Bingo. Now this is what I’m talking about. Look at the cute clipart! Cross-eyed Merlin casting a pentagram.

Buy 10, get 15 free.


One response to “boss moonstone potion crazy resign

  1. Try:

    Boss like mind find shine sublime

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