I Can Has a Company! LOL!

Boss is allergic to cats. His red eyes are the reason HR Kitty never happened back in January. Or did it?

I work in a loft in Dumbo. My building could have sold James Herriot on the city. On my floor alone, there are at least five cats. And an English Bulldog that plays soccer by the elevator. And something that moves really fast through the hall, like the smoke monster in Lost. I haven’t gotten close enough to tell what it is yet.

Today, Boss discovered he had left his keys at Home Depot. When he rushed out knocking stuff over, one of the black cats from the silk screeners snuck in through our open door.

Cats are smart. They know who’s allergic and who’s not. This particular cat made a bee-line for the CFO station, aka sneeze central, aka Boss desk. My co-workers and I availed ourselves of the opportunity to snap some photos.

This is Boss chair, and this is the cat in it. Notice the CFO hat crumpled up in the corner. First the cat pawed the hat. I’m beginning to sound like Dr. Seuss.


After doing significant dander damage to the chair, it decided to check out Google calendar. I would much rather cat had done some callbacks, but whatever.


Ooh…I’m giving I Can has Cheezburger, the most popular WordPress blog, a run for its money:

I Can Has a Company!


(After lunch, Boss asked if the pollen was getting to us, too.)

Switching gears a bit, from dander to Dan, here is yesterday’s “Little Annie” in its original English and intended meaning. Who was Annie? A CPR dummy at summer camp. Great work, Dan.


Caroling in the fiberglass your mouth

fails, a new aborted slit for me to save.

I have imbued your sneakers with life and you

have no legs, Annie, what’s happened

to our capacity for love? It ripples slack

against your torso, a t-shirt dreamed up

for someone more complete.

Don’t unseal these little humiliations;

bleach left in water reduces itself

to rotten water in time. Why can’t I

remember your eyes? Like night terrors

some things refuse us, the sturdy ones.

Annie I put the mask on you. Annie

the hot and wet of me would sheen along

your face until the lightning bugs return;

tilt back your plastic chin and breathe.


5 responses to “I Can Has a Company! LOL!

  1. How about signing up for a VIP Hosting account. I Can has Cheezburger, the used the same tech. inorder to get to the top spot. But in any case their pictures are good enough to visit anyways.


  3. Next stop, the Fish Tank!

  4. I like his crooked tail–seems fitting of his characater.

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