Lost: A Google Chat

NOT PENNY’S BOAT. Oh man, I bawled.

Woody and I watched the two-hour season finale and bandied about some theories. If you’re into Lost, keep reading. I’d love to hear your takes.

me: Hello Woody. Welcome to post Lost wrap-up.
Don’t get blog fright!

Woody: Thank you, Rebecca. I’ve never been part of a wrapup before. This is blogtastic.

me: Also, if this gets heated, like Rosie and Elizabeth, you can always come into the next room and yell. Since we live together.

Woody: I wish we had split-screen capibilities.

me: Ha. Ok. So–what questions do we have here? Dan just wrote this: “Charlie dies dramatically in a vaguely homoerotic way? Poor little hobbit.”

Woody: Sounds like Dan’s projecting. That’s my Psych 101 diagnosis. Charlie’s death, though–necessary? Could he really have had time to jump behind that door & save himself as well as Desmond?
I’m not sure there was enough time, but I’m not much into psychics & all.

me: Well, I think we both agree that Charlie believed he was full-filling a prophesy. Lost haters (hey Garth!) complain about details—like, “Charlie had time to shut the hatch from the other side!”—but really, it comes down to Charlie’s conviction that rescue depended on Desmond’s entire vision. if one element was missing, it would have fallen apart. Of course, maybe those two should know better. Desmond didn’t let Charlie take an arrow to the throat and Naomi lived. Question is: if Charlie had died, would it have been Penny in that tree?

Woody: If you believe in Desmond’s visions & fate (or the power that drew these specific people to the island), yes, Charlie had to die. But your question about Penny in the tree raises a couple more interesting questions: If you know your destiny can you alter it (& if you can, is it destiny or warning?)? & then these character’s a row of dominos–change one & it changes the next & on down the line? What if it had been Penny in the tree? Then what about Desmond? What about Mikhail? & on down the line

me: Hmmm. I like the domino theory. Although, I propose Connect 4, especially with Jack and Juliet and Sawyer and Kate.

Woody: I’ll trade Jack for Sayid

Me: HAHA, except Connect 4 isn’t a card game.

Woody: I cheat constantly. You’re going to fix these typos, right? I mean I’m not stupid enough to confuse physics with psychics? Am I?

me: I’m not sure how to do that. You’re talking to the girl who tends to write “I’m busty” when people IM her at work.

Woody: The trust is always surprising.
damnit, I did it again!

me: I want to know how Mikhail keeps surviving. Is it related to Locke emerging from the mass grave? (Man—those who don’t watch Lost, these questions are fucked up!) Walt told Locke to get up, and he did. I can’t even get up in the morning when you tell to me to.
Is it island willpower?

Woody: But I’m not sure if it was Walt. Could it have been Jacob coming as Walt?

me: Jacob. You love you some haunted chair. Who do you think Jacob is?
And let’s talk biblical references. Abraham, Moses, Jacob…

Woody: I think Jacob has something to do with the Black Rock, the slave ship marooned in the middle of the island.

me: Tell me more.

Woody: Ben killed his father, Sawyer kills Locke’s father (at the Black Rock, mind you), Locke’s father effectively killed Sawyer’s father, Kate kills her step-father. When you start the list, you realize how much of this show revolves around fathers. There’s your Abraham/Isaac for you.

me: Brilliant. Jack buries his father. Sun didn’t know the father. Alex hates her father.

Woody: Alex betrays her father.

me: I think they are pirates.

Woody: & is in the process of being cat out
cast out even

me: Because Mikhail wears an eye-patch.
I just really dumbed this down. Sorry.

Woody: I’ll play it where it lies. Arrr . . .

me: Why aren’t they supposed to leave the island? Tonight we saw our first ever flash forward. Man…Dr. Jack Schelp-ard. He looked ROUGH.

Woody: The most interesting part of the show for me is the island & it’s mysteries. The characters populating it add to the fun, but are vessels for me to figure out what’s going on with this island. They’re all here for a reason (they all need redemption, don’t they?), & are here to do something greater. They have to stay on the island to do that. That’s part of what may be going on.

me: Redemption Island. Much better than that reality show Temptation Island, yes. I agree with you. Jack ‘s compulsion is rescue–not just from the island, but before that even. Saving people. When he fails, he gets all self destructive. So whatever he didn’t get to do on the island, it was signifcant enough to lead him to the Oxycotin closet and the bridge
Also: Jack is still annoying to me! Let’s make a list of who we like/don’t like. As if we’re picking kickball teams.

Woody: Does that have to be his future? Will it? When Charlie wrote ‘Not Penny’s Boat’ on his hand, we found out Naomi’s lying about where she’s coming from.

me: Very god point.
good point
What a nice typo.

Woody: I’ll take it.

me: Why aren’t we fighting?
Quick, let’s talk about Harry Potter.

Woody: We agree to a more romantic vision of the island.
We’re poets. It’s not our fault.

me: I’d like that on a bumper sticker, please.

Woody: As for who I don’t like: Jack. First & foremost, always Jack.
His conflicts bore me & think it’s more Matthew Fox’s fault than the writer’s.

me: Me too. He can’t even play on a team. We’ll make him waterboy.
As for picks, I’ll take Desmond.

Woody: He’s got more to do with this island than we know right now, I’d wager.

me: I’m a sucker for expelled monks who say “Brotha”

Woody: Penelope’s father, too, is a major player in this I would say. Not the island’s mysteries, but more to do with Dharma & some more things to come. So does Sun’s father–the rich financiers.

me: Yes. Plus, Penny’s father was on the OC. I like the rich financiers theory. Ties back into fathers, doesn’t it?
Also, I want Hurley for my kickball team.
Who would you get a drink with?

Woody: Sayid. He could read me a cookbook & I’d be happy.

me: I’d like to drink with Richard, the man who doesn’t age.

Woody: Get ahold of him before June 1st & he can help push off the 3 0

me: Maybe the island is where you go when you turn 30.

Woody: E-mail me every day from your cruise, or I’ll assume you & Amelia Earhart are toasting pina coladas in some Bermuda tropical paradise.

me: haha ok. Lost II: Majesty of the Seas.

Woody: Who do you think Richard is & why hasn’t he aged between the flashback 30 years ago & now?

me: It is your theory of time. The island fucks with it. Which might explain the presence of a polar bear (the island is still in ice age?) and Walt as a ghost. Remember when Shannon was a ghost, too? I’d like to know whether or not you can die on the island. The scramble to save Ben would suggest so. But others, like Mikhail and Locke, seem untouchable.
And if you can’t give birth…that’s huge.
(Also: mass grave=death, yes)

Woody: I’m pretty sure Dharma brought the polar bear as part of their experiments. But the key to the island is time. Richard has managed to not age & film Juliette’s sister one day & be on the island soon after. He can get on & off somehow.

me: Portal!
I just wanted to say that.
When in doubt, the answer is always portal.

Woody: The whole idea behind the island is summed up in the scene when Ben & Jack are talking while jack’s prisoner. Ben’s has a tumor wrapped around his spine & he’s trying to convince Jack to operate on him. Do you remember this?

me: yes

Woody: Ben says something along the lines of, ‘All I know, Jack, is that the day after I find out I have a tumor on my spine, a plane carrying a spinal surgeon crashes on the island.’

me: Yes. It’s Cork.
Well, we’ve pretty much figured the mystery out. Father, financiers, fate.

Woody: & let’s not forget fucking: all those dead, pregnant mothers.
Let’s discuss more over drinks tomorrow afternoon.

me: Of course. I’m excited we’re all going out.
Goodnight Woody.
Can you turn the living room light out?
Make V-bar read this.

Woody: No problem. Get some sleep for once.

Me: Of course.

I’ll miss you, Brotha:


4 responses to “Lost: A Google Chat

  1. Enjoyed your post. I’d bet you’d enjoy reading what the Network TV Slut had to say pre-finale on One Sorry Blog.

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  3. What was going on in that last scene between Kate and Jack? Was it the past? Present? What was going on?

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