The Relation Ship

At some point on our cruise—I think it was right after the fifth Bingo announcement— we realized we were the only single people. Royal Caribbean christened the ship Majesty of the Seas but I renamed it Relation. Out of over 2500 passengers, and excluding our waiter Rufino, we met exactly four eligible men. We called them Jersey Shore, Georgia, and Trouble. That might appear to be only three men, but Georgia consisted of a pair of dock building brothers from Savannah. They were somewhat interchangeable.

I don’t have a picture of Jersey Shore, but here are Georgia and Trouble.

This is Georgia #1 giving a good ol’ boy pep talk to Georgia #2, either about pier berthing or dancing—not sure.


We missed the Singles mixer by half an hour (I still don’t believe there was one) and found nothing but Trouble in its place. What appeared to be an event nametag was actually pre-made and part of the shirt.


Now, while I have recently set sail on the S.S. Seeing Each Other (no thought as of yet to a lifeboat; also, the S.S. stands for sickeningly sweet), my girlfriends found being on the fami-leeward side of the ship to be frustrating. As fun as it is to say “Here comes Trouble!,” it’s nowhere near as fun as saying “Here comes that hot guy from Deck 12 who bought me Bicardi and Diet at the Blackjack table!”

Ah, Trouble and Georgia, I’m selling you short. It’s just that you didn’t rock our boat. Which is probably a good thing, because it was less testosterone distraction from each other. If it weren’t for girl time, Cami might not have pointed out that we were on a Celebrity Cruise.

Why, here’s me and Megan with Laura Dern! What a Jurrassic attitude.


We were all surprised to find Ms. Dern dating Kurt Russell. Guess he threw Goldie Hawn Overboard.


And check out this Alien sight: Sigourney Weaver chillaxing with Tim Robbins.



One response to “The Relation Ship

  1. Becca, not to burst your bubble or anything, but I dont’ think that those are real celebrities dear. Except for Meredith Baxter Birney behing the fake Tim Robbins guy.

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