Rough Patch

Boss is quitting smoking. God help me. He left his patch at home and had to go back for it. Last year, when my ex-boyfriend tried to quit, I rolled over onto one of his patches and unknowingly wore it to work. This was when I was a travel agent. For eight hours I kept shouting airport codes.

One of my readers, Dave (of course it would be a a Dave! ) wrote this:

Love your blog, and the advice poem bit.

Here’s my situation: I received a job offer. It’s for more money than my current job, and I could walk to work (unheard of in LA, mind you). On the other hand, it’s not *that* much more money, and I’d probably have to work longer hours. If there is one thing I truly love about my current job, it’s the hours (half-day-from-home Fridays particularly). I left my last job, which paid a lot more but had much longer hours, because I don’t want to be an absentee workaholic father to my (now two year old) son.

What should I do? Something in a series of couplets would be especially nice. 🙂

Dave –

Last time I had a poem written for me, it was by a homeless guy in Washington Square Park; I think his name was Paul The Homeless Poet. Must have been over 10 years ago. It was a little rhyming job about fever blisters. Well worth the $2. This is really taking me back…

Hmmm. Did Paul rhyme “blister” and “sister”? Also, was he homeless because he got a poetry degree? I don’t write a lot of rhyming couplets, but here’s your Lunch Poem. (Today I ate beets and goat cheese.)

The Offer

We seek advice when we know
already. Ignore the crow

of a higher paying job
in favor of Sponge Bob.

Trust your gut. You can’t refute
the most difficult commute

lies between father and son
who never talk. Once undone

it’s done. Let your son outweigh
a morning walk through LA

to the office. What’s a year
of less money? Keep him near.


5 responses to “Rough Patch

  1. Dear Becca,

    Good advice, nice rhymes. I particularly like “trust” and “gut”… and “son” “done” “undone” “son.” You must have a degree in this.

    T.B. Whorl

  2. Rattling the Kettle

    Thanks for the poem! I’m not altogether sure Paul was really homeless. Ever since I saw one of the local neighborhood “homeless” guys walk out of an apartment building down the street from my place my first year of law school, I’ve harbored a secret suspicion that they actually have nicer apartments than me.

  3. OMFG! Oracular poetess
    your couplets advise

    while nicely rhyming
    and cracking wise

    funny trybecca
    your smiling eyes

    and words are sage
    beyond your 30 years of age

    I love your blog
    keep posting pix

    this lunch poem done
    at half past six

  4. I met a women through an online dating service (gasp!) who quit smoking seven years ago, but still chews nicotine gum like one might eat M&Ms. Oddly, nothing resulted from the few dates we had with each other.

  5. And there are so many other kinds of medicinal patches that you could have found stuck on yourself. Count your blessings Becca.

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