Happy Belated 29th Birthday Cami!

As usual, I am simply oblivious:

Let’s pretend we spent your birthday here:


(I got Jay to wear the black cowboy shirt AND made the entire crowd promise not to imitate The Clapper during “Say Goodnight.” I couldn’t do anything about Michael Bellar, though.)

Oh and yeah– I stole that picture from your My Space so I could pretend I mailed you a cake.

Come as my sleeping sister! I miss you and hope you had a wonderful day, Principessa.


One response to “Happy Belated 29th Birthday Cami!

  1. Thanks principessa!!! the birthday weekend was magical (thanks for the cake by the way!!! looked a lot like the one my mom made for me – uncanny!!! 😉 unfortunately it has been followed by a very sobering weekend… needless to say, i can’t wait to see you in NYC 🙂 but no matter what, i’m taking 29 in stride, with style, so far, and i think (hope) it’s going to be a good year. thanks so much for the blog birthday wishes… they are a first for me, quite a lovely ‘gift’ from my special writer friend.

    p.s. jay is coming out with a new cd – of course he is performing here when i’m in NY with you – by either way, the sweet voice still sings!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!! miss you, love you my rebecca.

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