Till(ie) We Meet Again

A few weeks ago, I wrote a post featuring a ceramic mail-order frog named Tillie. Jeffery and I came across Tillie in a 1986 issue of McCalls. You can read all about that here.

I thought my assessment of Tillie was rather cheeky. So, needless to say, I was surprised when her creator, Jessica DeStefano, wrote to me and suggested a collaboration.

“I would love to talk with you further as I absolutely love your website and your incredible talent and insights. You are right Tillie attracts mostly an older clientele. But, Tillie is about to have a mid-life crisis and perhaps you could give me some tips on how to have her emerge a little more edgy and perhaps reach a younger crowd without losing the wonderful loyal fans she already has.

Tillie has an interest in being a voice for going Green…After all she is already GREEN!!”

I was sure that someone was getting my goat, er, frog. Like, this must be payback for all the times I’ve secretly answered my friends’ Craigslist ads and feigned interest in an oversized orange couch or guitar lessons.

Then I received this:


And this:


And…wait for it….


“Here are a few sample Tillie talk bubbles… You and your readers can just write what you think Tillie might be saying under each picture or type it in the talk bubble if you/they have photoshop. I think it would be fun..!! Let me know …k…. ” Rib-bit Up!.” as Tillie would say!”

Rib-bit up, readers. What do you think a Thoroughly Modern Tillie might have to say? You can either leave your responses as blog comments or email me at Trybeccablog@gmail.com. Extra points for photo-shopped Tillies. And remember: 2007 Tillie is older, edgier, and probably owns An Inconvenient Truth. But I doubt she uses profanity (ie, keep it clean like an aerated pond). I’ll narrow the captions down to the three funniest, and then let you, my readers, vote on a winner a la The New Yorker cartoon contest.

Oh, and I’m proposing Tillie Vanilli: a sculpture of two lip syncing frogs and a synthesizer.

I still haven’t heard from Mary Louise Parker, but I just know she’s next.


12 responses to “Till(ie) We Meet Again

  1. I’ll state right off you’re a hot little filly
    But putting Milli Vanilli
    in the same sentence as Tilly?
    Really, girl, that’s just silly!

  2. OK, yeah, sorry.

    I was definitely WAY too harsh on the little froggy lady. I think she reminds me of my late mother somehow …

  3. I had a dream about you this morning that did not involve frogs, ceramic or otherwise, but an actual, live cat. Your dream-cat shed on my black shirt. I showed you some poems.

  4. Oh, yeah. Leaves. Nice flash.

  5. I’m pretty sure the first Tillie is saying “I love it when you talk dirty.”

    And the last one? “He better not be talking to her right now or God help me I will steal his phone and I KNOW he doesn’t have insurance!”

  6. But really, what’s up with the one red button on her sweater??

  7. U Mustafa bin Pharteen

    Yeah, what’s with the one red button, anyway?
    Is that symbolic of sublimated sex?

    I believe in the last pix she is praying for a solution to the ultrasmell of her tennis shoes before her, which threatens to knock her out cold if she doesn’t do something soon.

    I recommend boiling them in benzine. It worked for me.

    Seriously, the smell of homelessness is some seriously sibilant shit.

  8. Benzene has a much lower boiling point than water, but I bet it really does get the smell out. Don’t be lighting up any smokes though …

    And I bet Tillie doesn’t play much tennis in them shoes. Seriously sibilant as that stench may be …

  9. (#3) Dear God, when you created woman and were looking around for parts to use, did you say to yourself, “Oh well, I’ll just rib-it!”
    Thanks, I’ll be here for an eternity. Try the apples.

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  11. Tillie is my single, most loved, friend in my home. She is for me, all that makes me laugh, think fun thoughts, and keeps my crazy life from trying to kill me. Seeing her with “peppy” new ways, and encouraging reminders of keeping the world clean for us all, would be a delight.
    “Fulfill the Dream, Keep it Green” “Don’t be mean, Keep it Green”
    I own every Tillie ever made, and would so love to see her again.
    Yes, I am older, but not too old to enjoy Tillie in all her forms, and look forward to being the first in line when she returns.

    I also know that Jessica has all she needs, in her own head, to make her Tillies the best friends of everyone she meets.

    Tillie is a “Grace” unto herself. No words, no slogans, just that outstanding face, manner, and all that Jessica gives her, makes her perfect in every way.

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