You Win(g) Some, You Lose Some

Last Thursday, I had a “hot-off” with some friends at Atomic Wings. Consider it a sequel to this.

We lined up the wings in ascending hot order, from abusive to suicidal:


Game face:


Good will clank:




That wing was named nuclear for a reason.


Bold competitor Carmelo licked his plate clean of suicidal sauce…


while Megan licked…


…Patrick Dempsey?


Oh McDreamy, you’re so funny!


AND the winner of our hot-off! Looks like somebody needs a McNapkin!


(Photography courtesy of Courtney with a big shout-out to Cami’s camera.)


5 responses to “You Win(g) Some, You Lose Some

  1. AH!!! McWingy takes it again! we all know who was the TRUE winner of the McHott-off… 🙂

    this was way too much fun… next hott-off – we do mexican with antonio banderas!

  2. This was wicked fun (as it would be said in Boston)…..I suggest we have the next hot off at sushi samba with Jet Li….(insert some attractive, famous asian guy here)… I also want the world to know that, though I conceded this round…I have not given up on regaining my title….I am the Hulk Hogan of the Hot Off….and that is a good thing….

  3. Yay on the Hot-Off! Good going everybody. The parable of the sushi was also priceless and one of my favorite trybecca posts (of the non-literary ones).

    However, for a truly suicidal burn, you all must try this hot sauce, called “Dave’s Insanity”. It lives up to its name and a little bottle lasts a long long time, since one can only use a drop or two at a time.

    Double dare ya.

  4. 3 thoughts

    1) This post made me hungry.

    2) It’s unfortunate that Patrick Dempsey will only be recognized for Greys Anatomy and not for his performance in Loverboy.

    3) I am hoping the next challenge has something to do with competitive eating

  5. I LOVE IT!!!! Great photos…good times, good times.

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