Happy Art in Luther King Jr. Day

I didn’t leave the house today. I ordered Pad Thai and watched an America’s Next Top Model marathon.

For the life of me, I couldn’t make sense of Jan 21’s customized Google header:


I figured it had something to do with the holiday and civil rights, but really, it looks like Little Bo Peep got squished under one of her sheep and now toddlers are attempting a rescue using only paste. Isn’t that a shepherd’s crook poking out?

Seriously. I studied this graphic for some time. I would take breaks, watch Tyra, and then come back to it. Are they making pizza? Shooting marbles? It reminded me of those Magic Eye pictures in the mall with embedded 3-D images. Focus through the image into the distance. But I could never see the secret no matter how long I stared. My friends would be like, “Look! It’s Jesus riding a dolphin!” and I would eventually give up, sulk over to TCBY all pissy at genetic predisposition. (I was also the only one in my sixth grade class who couldn’t curl her tongue.)

The more I relaxed my eyes, the less clothing these three Google kids seemed to be wearing. While they ice fished.

“WTF?” I g-chatted Megan . “Have you seen today’s Google header? I mean, what are they doing?”

By now I had convinced myself that this was Harry, Ron, and Hermione waxing an enormous horcrux, only Hermione had forbidden Ron to help because he was eating it. That’s why he’s off to the side clutching his stomach.

Megan — who was probably really good at spotting 3D magic eagles in the mall — took a quick look at Google Rorschach and said: “They’re drawing Martin Luther King Jr.’s face.”

To which I replied: “Oh.”


3 responses to “Happy Art in Luther King Jr. Day

  1. Yeah Becca. On the sidewalk. In all their multiculturalistic polychromatic-ness. The real problem I think, is that it really looks a lot more like Charlie Chan than MLK.

  2. as much as i’ve always loved the creative and inventive attempt that google makes with their honoring holidays/special events with a artistic and significant twist to their regular logo, i have felt that they’ve been scraping the bottom of the barrell latey in reinventing the holiday google logo wheel. i would say that this, again, ‘attempt’ to honor MLK is no exeption to the other recent scraps we find on these oh so special occasions… i’m just so upset that i actually had to work…

  3. Charlie Chan says “Keep magic eye on google logo wheel, and tongue will curl, grasshopper”! Silly children always trying to eat horcruxes! Ptooey!

    We should probably learn from this incident, trybeca, that staring at the Google header for more than 45 seconds may cause brain damage and maybe bladder problems as well. I mean, who knows really?

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