Happy Hannahversary

Moments after watching Ricky Don’t Lose That Challenge finally win something on Project Runway, I realized today is the one year anniversary of Trybecca. Blogging is a challenge, too. I echo Ricky’s teary-eyed admission to the judges: “It’s been a roller-coaster!” (Also, in an unrelated side note, why do producers keep insisting the designers sprint to their materials? Poor overweight Chris. It isn’t Project Run-this-way.)

I started Trybecca on Jan 24, 2007. It began as part of a drink induced to-do list scribbled on a napkin at Metropolitan Bar. If I remember correctly, “start a blog” was just after “get out a bed” and right before “don’t date the emotionally stunted.” I never expected to follow through. I thought I’d mend my broken heart the emo way — by obsessively quoting Buffy and pimping out my MySpace profile. Also, Woody had introduced me to the Playstation game “Bully.” If drop kicking virtual kids in preppy blazers wouldn’t do the trick, I figured nothing would.

But I set up Trybecca anyway, getting past the initial hurdle of Trybecca.com being taken (it’s still “coming soon!”–please, may I have it?), and to my surprise, blogging proved enjoyable. I was getting out of bed, even. Then I had a job. Then I fell in love. Then I lost that job and lost that man, but a new job came along, a better job, and then that man came back, a better man, to a better me. So now I have a job and a love and a blog.

I needed to heal so I went and got some blog plaster, and patiently, over many entries, re-set myself. I can hardly tell I was ever broken! It was Year of The Cast and I’m hoping you, my readers, will sign it before I cut it off. I’m not abandoning Trybecca; I’m seeing it into its next incarnation. My friend Nicole’s blog is a blue pitcher. Now maybe mine is a lily pad. Or an antique silver cigarette case. Only 2008 will tell. I’m beginning work on a collection of creative non-fiction essays (more about that project later) and I certainly wouldn’t have gotten there if it weren’t for here.

So please sign my ARM cast (my actual initials). Like Ricky, I could use the encouragement. And thanks for reading.

Disclaimer: OK, since what we’re dealing with here is a metaphorical cast, and what I needed was a picture of an actual cast, I went with Hannah’s. Hannah is a blond, beach-loving, and apparently clumsy, British girl. I don’t know her. Her arm appears courtesy of Google images. Hannah, here’s hoping you didn’t get that cast wet! Although honestly, it could use a little water. Right now it looks as if they ran out of ramekins at an Indian restaurant and you offered to serve up chutneys on your bum arm.



6 responses to “Happy Hannahversary

  1. I’m signing my own cast. Yeah, that’s right.

  2. yay, i’m second to sign!!! can i put a big butterfly on it and write ‘love is like a’ above the image??? (that’s what my mom put on mine when i was 5… to reference the dolly parton song that i loved so much at the time). well, go ahead, get the cast off – put don’t pull a JLC on me and say ‘we’ll be back, just in a different forum’ and then fall off the face of the earth. keep writing. keep putting in our faces. our lives are better for it!!!!! love you principessa!!!!! (p.s. can’t wait to see you next week!!!)

  3. I’m signing! (I think…) Congrats on your bloggaversary! You are quite funny. re: your thoughts on PR: I was thinking the same thing when Chris had to run after the denim for last night’s runway challenge. Pls Ricky – quit cryin already. At this point in the season, that’s a lost hope.

  4. You stink.

    (Ha! I added insult to injury! Get it!!? Get it!!?)

    Okay, I’ll stick to music, you stick to comedy…

  5. I wish I were a bar of soap
    so soft so white so shiny
    so every time you took a bath
    I could swim around your hiney

    (Standard greeting on cast and in yearbooks, courtesy of my father)

    P.S. Don’t leave us! Cyberspace will be lonely without you!


  6. Happy Blogiversary trybecca, good going on signing your cast first! The selfishness of blogging is totally crystallized by autocommentarianism.

    It’s been nice of you to share your poetical mind with us, and I’m hoping to read more of your writing at whatever URL it lives.

    I think that green spot on the cast is lime popsicle melt. Or possibly guacamole.

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