Bon Anna-versaire!

Happy birthday to my fabulous cousin Anna, who raved about blogging and knitting long before it was cool. My dad has two bald brothers. Each brother — including my dad, also bald — welcomed a daughter in the span of a year. Anna, Andrea, and me, Alicia, middle-named child who still suffers through waiting rooms and first days. “Alicia? Alicia? Is there an Alicia?” TryAlicia doesn’t have the same ring to it, though.

Wow. Stand back. I could put your eye out with those teeth. And then dab your wound with my festive belt.

That’s Anna in the middle, dreaming of future as purse:

Hmm. It appears as if I actually stole bits of Anna’s skirt while she was sleeping and made that belt myself.

Well hast thou spoken cousin: be it so. –King Henry IV, part III: I, i


5 responses to “Bon Anna-versaire!

  1. It is awesome to see that you are close to your cousins…and what a great picture…keep on blogging.

  2. Your cousin became a blogger, a knitter, AND a purse? Also, note that while the other 2 girls are cherubically asleep, you seem to be hatching diabolical plans. Probably involving more garment theft.

  3. thanks cousin love! as you will soon be, i am now in my thirties. it’s not so scary a place except that it is. i love seeing old pics. of us when the world was just so. and what amazingly beatiful children we were. seriously, we should have done commercials or something. cousin love ya.

  4. You didn’t really put anyone’s eye out with those teeth, did you Becca? Yeah you guys were seriously cute- they’re fake sleeping! Pretty amazing purses too- such variety and yet simplicity!

  5. I love this photo. It reminds me of Charles Dodgson’s work.

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