No, You Can’t Have a Poetry

Today on the F train, on my way to school to print submissions for free, I was daydreaming about my future. Really giving myself the ‘ol 1-2-3 positivity pep-talk. And at my moment of complete confidence, when I suspected I might even be levitating off the seat a little, when I had convinced myself that I would win a writing residency, or a fellowship, or at least $10 and a year’s subscription to something, a Polish couple sat down across from me with notecards. They were learning English. The one word they held up, in all caps, facing me, while they chatted, for the remainder of the ride?



4 responses to “No, You Can’t Have a Poetry

  1. CAN’T as in CAN’T FAIL?

  2. how’d you know they were Polish? That’s pretty good, I don’t think I’d be able to pinpoint that one. Unless they were holding up a big book that said “POLISH-ENGLISH DICTIONARY.”

  3. actually, the polish word “can’t” means “awesome poet”

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