Lost in Translation

First, there’s this.

And then there’s this. Ja, dis iz zo true.

You’re Desmond Hume!

You are mysterious and a secret romantic. No one has any idea what you’re doing most of the time, and you like it that way. You may be crazy, or just drunk, but more than likely, you know what’s going on more than most of the people around you. If you don’t already have an accent, you probably secretly want one.



3 responses to “Lost in Translation

  1. Though I don’t know diddly about poetry, I enjoyed the Words Without Borders article very much, thanks for the link. So economically and colorfully rendered!

    Do you ever wish that you’d tried the beet imagination salad instead of the chicken?

  2. And why didn’t you tell your readers that you’d guest starred on Lost?

  3. omg, that description is really accurate! You may be crazy, or just drunk? hahahahaha

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