Six Geese

Goose counter. Me in a taxi in the rain. Eager accepter of the extra change. I wonder which days of New York City me I’ll miss?


One response to “Six Geese

  1. Hey I read yesterday’s post…and wrote this comment but it was closed…sorry if this is impudent of me to post the comment here.
    Um…reading Michael’s comments made me feel really awkward…his statistics, while right on, backed not just an opinion…but one that holds a lot of anger and bitterness. He hides his anger behind these statistics and his glibness. Speaking of glib I ponder the possibility that you beat him up when you were younger…but I find it shameful that when someone opens up for opinions some people are able to constructively criticize. Michael it is better to convince Becca you are right rather than prove she is wrong. Putting people on the defensive is applauded and applicable in Chess but not in real life or relationship.
    Becca follow your heart. Keep your eyes open and know that you are strong enough for whatever this brings good or bad.

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