Nine Ladies Dancing

I grew up doing two things on a regular basis: attending Presbyterian church and listening to musicals on vinyl.

Have you ever forgotten a song that meant the world to you, that lifted your spirits and made you smile uncontrollably, that transported you out of the thicket of adolescence — a song you then heard years later as a tax-payer, say in a supermarket checkout line, or the bank lobby? And out of nowhere you’re thirteen again? It happened to me at Regal Cinemas Union Square watching WALL-E, a movie which samples not just Michael Crawford , but Michael Crawford in — oh heart! — Hello Dolly.

“Put on Your Sunday Clothes.” I dreaded confirmation class and Sunday School but somehow, by playing this record, this song, by parading around my room like Barbara Streisand and examining my big nose in the mirror with momentary self-esteem, I could muster up enough enthusiasm to wear a frilly dress.

And now that I’m older, I realize it’s a song about coming to New York City. I guess something inside me knew all long. (You just have to at least listen from 4:25 to the end.)

I’ve been singing and dancing all week.


One response to “Nine Ladies Dancing

  1. On the cuteness factor…Wall-E scores an astounding 7 bajillion…I would go on about something sappy but….I won’t

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