Twelve Pipers Drumming

Well. It turns out Christmas does come early. Dan is here — I miscalculated — which is great for me, but kind of anti-climatic for the blog. Considering I was going to meet him and his family at the airport dressed like this:

Halloween 2007

I also wore a mane the last time I saw my cousin.

I expect Dan and I will have a very emotional reunion.

Hearts drumming. Friends piping. Happy two-posts-in-one!


3 responses to “Twelve Pipers Drumming

  1. woo hooo! dan’s home! woo hooo! you’re moving to iowa city! wooo hoo! the lion didn’t eat either of the two dudes! (kinda thought he might.)
    when are you two coming to visit california? i wanna meet the penguin.

  2. In a suddenly dusty room in Iowa

    Jesus Christ, Becca. And here I thought this clip was the most touching thing on teh Internets:

    Five Year Old Blind Genius Pianist –

    Your tweener lion could eviscerate Little Blind Piano Girl’s sweetness like a plump young water buffalo. Yeah, that metaphor works.

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