Bad Becca! Good Door!

Dan likes to make lists on his laptop, and I like to change them when he’s not looking. Here’s the list he made last night. (Note: Dan hates olives and beef jerky.)

vent in bathroom fixed?
What do all the light switches do?
Why do bad things happen to good people?
Is there a God?
front screen door hinge?
What’s the story with parking spaces?
paper towel dispenser
floor mat for bathroom
toothbrush holder
shower puff (Dan)
olive flavored beef jerky
deodorant (Becca)

Then I discovered Wordle, a site that generates word clouds from text. Making lists is a lot more fun when you can then Wordle them.

I like how bathroom dominates. I’m also quite fond of the platitude jerky happen. Wordle is a useful tool for poets. You can cut and paste your entire manuscript, and it will give greater prominence to the words used most frequently. What a great way to uncover subconscious themes and/or mess with your boyfriend’s OCD.


2 responses to “Bad Becca! Good Door!

  1. t#ank fo® tell¡n9 me about wo®dle. $o now ¡ can make an a®t f®om my l¡$t. make ou® own l¡$t ¡$ fun 😉
    would you v¡z¡t my blo9? c u t#e®e 🙂

  2. man, isn’t it so great? you in iowa among the corn with dan, and me in the beautiful islands of greece among ancient civilization with harry… very funny how similar our experiences are right now, since we are both with my boyfriends, eh? 😉 yes, i’m trying to make you jealous and rub in the fact that i’m in heaven right now – but i can only do that because i know you are too principessa!!! right? oh, love you so, and hope all is well with you, dan, iowa, and today’s list! you can add birdseed to mine, eh? hope to see your cute face soon – tell dan i said whaaaaaaasssssssssssup! xoxoxoxo,

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