My friend Dan lent my boyfriend Dan a helping hand (and a helping VW bus) with the move. There are too many Dans in my life and it’s confusing. If I knew friend-Dan first, does that earn him the title of Dan #1, or should primary status be reserved for the man who steals the bed covers?

While Dans were loading up the Scooby mobile, I was taking a break, stretched out on the grass and Queens Anne Lace, thinking back to my high school love of The Cranberries and Dolores O’Riordan.

Something about seeing our couch outdoors made me start humming “Dreams.” It was half a life ago I wore cheap Elven jewelry and flannel shirts.


4 responses to “Linger

  1. i personally was hearing your blog title ‘linger’ from this posting, more so than ‘dreams’, but i was not there for the moment, so i’m sure the dream-like nature of the move brought this on 🙂

    and that totally is a scooby mobile… amazing! save those pics and put them in a safe place – those are the ones that mean a lot, looking back later in life.. 😉

    love and miss you becca principessa, and talk to you soon!

  2. I can totally see you listening to the Cranberries…and I suspect with the flannel shirts came some Pearl Jam…hope the move continues to be a smooth one.

  3. ooh and definetly some 4 non blondes

  4. I think we can take our cues here from the world of technology. Just as web 1.0 was neat and exciting at first, drew lots of funding for its wild and novel ideas, and ultimately collapsed under the weight of its own hubris and careless inattention to long-range planning, so too did I lose my relevance and hip factor around 2001. Thus, Dan 1.0 is actually a marker of my obselescence and need for updating. Think of me as the “MySpace” to Dan 2.0’s “FaceBook.”

    Meanwhile, with his cool rounded corners, avant-garde fonts, and added functionality (penguin voices and wall-rattling sexcapades), Dan 2.0 is a venture capitalist’s wet dream. Buy now, while the stock is cheap! Dan 2.0 can connect you to social networking, geo-tag your photos, and Flickr your knickers to yer heart’s content (sorry, Rachie, for that image!). . . .

    But the point remains–Dan 2.0 is a clear upgrade from the humble, meager beginnings of Dan 1.0, and though you’ll always have fond memories of DragonCon, wouldn’t you rather go to MacWorld, anyway? Let us not mourn the Dans of days gone by, but celebrate the Dans of the future! I, for one, welcome our Dan overlord.

    ‘Course, I typed all this on my iPhone, so I’m still a bad motherfucker, I don’t care what you say…..; )

    Dan 1.0, holla atcha boy!

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