Dan and I need some help identifying kitchenware.

We pulled this aluminum number out of a box. It might be a steamer. Or a stencil for a gigantic asterisk. Or a postmodern board game called Disconnect Four.

Of greater concern is the plastic pod. I think it’s a birth control dispenser for women who buy in bulk from Sam’s Club.



7 responses to “Ware-y

  1. I’m thinking an ineffective ashtray and earmuffs/face tanner to ward off the winter blues.

  2. you two are MADE for each other…the first is a steamer for your buttocks (to be inserted in the camode), the second a dehydrater for homemade condoms or rawhide, whichever i need in the moment…aaahh, how sad that i actually know this stuff! 😎

  3. how about a steamer for tortillas? Looks like it holds a lot of tortillas. You two can open up a burrito stand!

  4. um no clue…but I DO like Dans shirt

  5. Finally, the mindless childhood afternoons of searching through pantries comes in handy. I have a hunch that the plastic thingy is a dehydrator used to make dried fruit (like apples and stuff). Eh? Maybe?

  6. questionabletopic

    that plasticy uber-“birth control dispenser” is a dryer instead! Mostly used for mushrooms where I come from.

  7. Don’t know about the first one, but the second is definitely a food dehydrator — mostly used for fruit, as far as I know.

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