Jeffery tells me that poetry acceptance letters come when you can’t recall submitting poems.  In February, I entered a chapbook competition run by Finishing Line Press. A couple of months ago, I received a form letter: there were 538 manuscript submissions and unfortunately, mine wasn’t selected for their $1000 prize. Even though I paper my walls in rejection slips, I didn’t bother saving this one.

Then last Friday night, I got an email from the editor at Finishing Line Press announcing that she wants to publish my chapbook. You never really expect such an email. And if you do, you don’t envision yourself reading it while tipsily gnawing on a block of cheese. You expect the moment to have some dignity. But no. After we came home from George’s, I beelined it to the fridge to unwrap a hunk of parmesan I couldn’t be bothered to cut but could be bothered to stuff in my face.

But who cares! I get to publish these poems, at no cost to me, in high-quality saddle-stapled books, with cover art, and author blurbs, and, best of all, a jacket photo. I’ll ask for reader help in picking the appropriate shot (whimsical but sober, earnest but not too severe, no hands-in-pockets, no leather jacket, no Italy, etc.).

Pressrun is typically 500-1000. I’ll need to sell 55 prepublication copies to warrant the full run, so I’ve gone ahead and set up a gmail account for the book:

Cost will be $14 for a chapbook of 25 poems. Greener won’t be released until early next year, but if you’d like to reserve a copy, please email me at the above address. Once I’ve decided on cover art, Finishing Line Press will send out announcement postcards for prepublication sales. Include your mailing address and I’ll make sure you get one! And thanks, in advance, for your support.

Also, just because I have a book doesn’t mean I’ll stop posting from the point of view of a solipsistic stuffed penguin.

Girl, who are you calling solipsistic? Now come here and help me dispose of this creature!

Girl, who are you calling solipsistic? Now come here and help me dispose of this creature!

Me at the ear doctor last Tuesday: potential author photo.


6 responses to “Greener

  1. thesixteenthzephyr

    I definitely think that’s the photo to go with ^_^

    Congratulations though! That’s really exciting…. I know enough about the publishing world to know that poetry basically NEVER gets published. I don’t even know you but I’m excited for you! Good luck!

  2. Congratulations Becca! To think — the last time I saw you was a random encounter on the F train, I believe. At Houston, I think. You were knitting something. I was impressed. Now I’m extra impressed! Perhaps I’m particularly impress-ionable, but a chapbook! Wow! That’s really really really fantastic (and impressive). Best to you!


  3. Hotdog, woman! So great. You deserve it. Maybe you’ll come to the city and give a reading? Even though I hardly ever got to see you, the place feels a little emptier without you here.

  4. Wow! This is wicked cool. So I just email you to say I want a book….but then how do I pay for the book?

  5. Dear Ms. Greener,

    Congratulations of your upcoming publication. I received an acceptance from Finishing Line Press too and being an older, less internet-literate writer, I am a bit stumped by how to market those 55 prepublication copies. I have always sold books at readings when I have the copies in hand. So, I am looking for advice on how to use the internet to promote that prepublication sale. Do you have any advice?


    Grey Brown

  6. Congratulations Becca. You have such a gift for poetry. This is just the beginning.

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