I’m Becca. I used to live in New York City. Then I moved to Iowa for love. I’m a poet and college teacher. I like short walks on long beaches. My current blogs are From Soho To Silo and
New Catographer .

Check out Trybecca on Gawker’s Blogorrhea!: May 24, May 15th, May 2, April 23, February 20

Need advice? Have a blogging request? Want me to write for your magazine? Email me at aliciarebecca at gmail.com


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  1. You are gorgeous. Too bad you couldn’t stick around last night. We wound up having Kareoke.

  2. Hey…trying to find an email for you! I linked to you in my blog tmr. Hope you like. I’m a huge fan. xx Alyssa Shelasky (alyssashel@aol.com)

  3. Ok then read one of my post called “You don’t know what it’s Like”

    I have questions…maybe you can answer them, cause this is how I feel.

  4. Hi, I see you have put a lot of work,,,or is it play,,,into your site.

  5. Hi, I am helping an author with a virtual book tour. She is interested in stopping by your blog. The book is called Mama Peavy says, “Women, It’s OK to Marry an Ugly Man” by Mary R. Butler. It is a dating/relationship self-help book with a little ha-ha!

  6. Trybecca,

    A friend of mine sent me your posting re: Tillie the Frog. I am her creator, Jessica deStefano. I want to thank you for finding Tillie in that old edition of McCall’s… I found your Tillie tirade terrific!

    At age 25 I was a worry wart, constantly contrary and negative. I saw life as filled with flaws and most of the time felt like a hopeless, homeless frog. When they plowed in a beautiful pond behind my home in upstate New York, I created “Tillie the Homeless Frog” as my alter ego.
    Unlike me, Tillie was the eternal optimist. Even though
    she was homeless after they had plowed in her pond to build a mall, she remained positive and upbeat. Her philosophy was: “Your dream may be a hop away so never give up ‘til you croak!”

    It was from her that I learned to “follow my Art” and now I’m an optimist too and I can definitely attest to the fact that ” pessimists are often more right but optimists have more fun!!!!”

    However recently I have tried being a “realist”. Have you ever heard the phrase … “Optimists see the glass as half full and pessimists see the glass as half empty but realists see in either case there is only half a glass!!!

    I would love to talk with you further as I absolutely love your website and your incredible talent and insights. You are right Tillie attracts mostly an older clientele. But, Tillie is about to have a mid-life crisis and perhaps you could give me some tips on how to have her emerge a little more edgy and perhaps reach a younger crowd without loosing the wonderful loyal fans she already has.

    Tillie has an interest in being a voice for going Green…After all she is already GREEN!!

    I think it would be fun to post some Tillie talk bubbles to
    your sight and see what you and your readers might come up with for Tillie to say. What do you think of the idea?

    Please e-mail me back at:
    Jessica.destefano@verizon.net and I will send you the
    pictures of Tillie with blank talk bubbles. You probably didn’t know that Tillie was kicked our of McCalls. Readers wrote in and complained that they didn’t want “A Bag Lady Frog” in an upscale mag like McCall’s. ( ha ha ha )

    Thanks again, Jessica deStefano and Tillie the Frog

  7. Dear Becca, Becca, Becca, ( tri-Becca)

    I just want to tell you I really enjoy reading your blog
    and love what everyone thinks I am saying. I want to thank you for having me on your show, I mean blog.
    I think you are clever, clever, clever and you have helped me through a tough time. You know they plowed in my pond to build a mall. Not that I ever get depressed but, a lot of people ask how I can be an eternal optimist being a homeless frog and all but, you see I’m always happy because I’ve
    always got a green back and I eat what ever bugs me!!!!!

    PS: Besides I’m an amazing kisser!

    Tillie The Frog

    You can call me ” T T”

  8. U Mustafa bin Phartin

    I personally thing “T T” is very funny, but I am but a mere emir.

    Why so rare the posts to your blog? You are in NYC where you could tell about Radio City Mosaic Hall, the comings and goings of Giuliana, or whatever.

    How about a monthly update on the general condition of Strawberry Fields? Does someone clean it and comb its hair now and then? Do people still go there? Do they cry and rend their garments, get married, or what? Do people get mugged? Do people still like it there?

    Happy Hanukkah.


  9. You must write Vampyre Confidential ROGUE COVEN with me. Please email me asap, or call 646-957-1230

    THX, Joe

  10. I surfed across your blog today and I came to appreciate what you have here. I have added you to my Humor Blog blogroll and was wondering if you might add me to yours? Either way, thanks for the great experience of visiting your site and hope you enjoy mine. Thanks Kerry Ann

  11. post something!

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  16. it works

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