Sarah Pollin’

Please take a minute to help me decide on an author photo for the chapbook. Once you’ve considered all seven, click on the green link and cast your vote. Also, if you know me, and have high-quality photos lying around (tasteful ones, people), I would love to see additional contenders!

(Trybecca should be back with regularity come November. Teaching three classes and finishing the chapbook affords little time to write. Also, much like Sarah Palin’s own answers to hard hitting political questions, this post is off-topic. A Palin entry is in the works, though.)

  • Becca as graffiti. Love it:
  • Come on. Dylan Thomas TOTALLY would have used this pic:
  • Nothing says poetry like simulated strangulation on a pool table:
  • Yep. This one makes your boobs look good:
  • European bridge? Check. Wistful indulgence? Check:
  • Poetry is the flower just out of your petite reach:
  • Of course. How could Snunshine NOT be in the photo?:


5 responses to “Sarah Pollin’

  1. um, the pool table strangulation one is SO sexual. especially since you’re smiling. and the unseen hand is clearly a man’s (Dan’s?) What’s that other hand doing?? I think I saw that in a porn once. Unless the poetry book centers around a theme of foreplay, don’t use that one. 😉

  2. i still have the catsuit one…want me to scan it? i think you are looking in the freezer for a healthy choice meal.

  3. Pool table. Esp. because my arm/hand is in it.

  4. A ha! The owner of the arm is revealed! And it is not your lover! Oh well, it still looks like foreplay. Nice job, Jeffery! 🙂

  5. Number seven wins the cuteness award, but for the chapbook I would vote for number five. But I would crop it a little closer.

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