Primary Care

February 5th is New York Primary Day and interestingly enough, also Mardi Gras. Mardi Gras marks the end of carnival, which is basically a prolonged public masquerade in a circus-like setting. It’s a chance to act-up before the seriousness of Lent. Girls go wild. Guys tape them.

All this flashing and filming is in accordance with the reversal phenomenon. According to Wikepedia, the reversal phenomenon occurs when “regular behavior is reversed, and people choose to do the very opposite of normal behavior.” Which is a rather fitting way to describe the Bush administration, no?


(Our President, trying to catch beads.)

I’m not implying the past seven years have been a party; I’m just saying we have some serious spiritual penance ahead of us as a country, that the days of satin and sequins, of uni-lateral coin-getting, are over.

In the poetry world, you inevitably come to ask yourself the question: Am I a political poet? I figured out fairly quickly that I wasn’t an Adrienne Rich or a Nazim Hikmet. Mine is not the poetry of ill-lit prison walls. But while I highly doubt I’ll ever circulate a leaflet, I do know there is no such thing as having no political opinion. Disinterest is a political posture. Apathy is a stance. While I might never write this poem, my work has inherent partisan subtexts. Like everyone, I hold beliefs about health care, immigration, and Bravo television. Choosing not to write about my country is writing about my country by omission.

I’ve taken a huge interest in the primaries and yet I haven’t blogged about them. After my Junior year of high school, when I produced an error-riddled report on carpetbaggers and the Civil War — “Reconstruction: They Had It In The Bag”– I’ve kept US Government at a comfortable and factually correct distance. I’m aware that many political authors are less pundit and more provocation (Ann Coulter) but I just prefer to operate in an arena of expertise. I have seen every known episode of “Top Chef.” I only figured out last week what GOP stands for. You get my point. It makes me nervous.

And yet I’m brimming with political thought. For example:

-We simply can not have a President who plays a DA on Law and Order. This is confusing to the American People. If we do have to vote for another actor, it needs to be Martin Sheen.

-Is no one concerned that the current leader for the Republican Nomination, John McCain, was a Prisoner of War in Vietnam for over five years, two of which were solitary confinement? Go ahead, spend a Saturday inside your apartment: don’t run to the corner deli for a cup of coffee, don’t check your email, don’t answer the phone. Don’t even read a book. Then, after ten hours of finding faces in the watermarks on your ceiling, attend a birthday party at a very sensory overwhelming Chuck E Cheese where you are immediately handed a skee-ball. Now tell me you wouldn’t go a little crazy. That’s sort of what McCain running for President is like for me. Some say service, I say baggage. I admire him, but come on, we’ve all seen Apocalypse Now.

While I am currently supporting Obama, I want to encourage all of my readers to cultivate an active interest in this upcoming election and vote for whichever candidate speaks to you. I’m making my own effort to devote a little time each day to learning more about the issues. If you have a question you’d like me to address, please send it to


5 responses to “Primary Care

  1. dude, backing obama is like rooting for marcel. even though he seems cool and composed and a respectable competitor, at the end of the day, he’s only dishing out foam, and you shouldn’t vote for him just because his competitors tried to shave his head. in your analogy, i think john mccain is betty. she seems sweet and well-meaning at first, with just a little of the eccentric in her step, but underneath that pot pie crust is some serious bird flu-like hysteria alongside the political conviction. reeks of instability. i’m backing ilan (aka. rudy guiliani). they might doubt it, but at the end of the day, america needs someone with attitude in his hair who can plate some serious paella. cause let’s face it – and i think tom colichio said it himself – when in doubt, just add saffron. it’s the one ingredient that most politicians leave out of their campaign – and it’s really our only hope. saffron will save the world!!!

    GUILIANI 2008!!!!!

  2. i meant tom colicchio. my apologies, tom! i love you!!!

    TOM COLICCHIO 2008!!!!

  3. Personally, I would like to see an Edwards/Obama, or Edwards/Clinton ticket. Edwards came in 3rd in my state primary (NH). And I would like every state to go with Electoral College/Popular Majority legislation as NJ seems to be on the verge of doing. No More Y2K Election Stealing!

    I would also like to know why the word “pundit” is so widely mispronounced as “pundint”.

    Thank you for the link to the Hikmet poem on freedom and the golden chains! Loved it.

    GOD I just want to push that Coulter down the stairs. Even if she is “infallibly” HOT! Fucking rectitude freak! Maybe she could go down and flash some guys in the Big Easy while NY is voting for the wrong guy, or gal. I’d like to see some more naked pictures of her on the internet, now that she’s “matured”.

  4. Ok…this post was fabulous…Cami’s response revealed that I really don’t watch Top Chef…Who am I voting for? I am not sure….but I do KNOW who I am not voting for…and they are Mitt Romney (too conservative for my taste…among other things) and Hillary Clinton…because I she is too much a politician. She went to NY not to serve NY but to serve herself. She went to NY because she knew she could win the senatorial race and it was a stepping stone for her political ambition….the more I know about Obama the more I like him. I enjoy his sincerity(spun or not). If I were to vote for him the least of my reasons for doing so would be because of the color of his skin. I think when people are saying they are going to vote for Obama because it is time for a black man in the Oval office is a PIMP slap to the face of what MLK Jr. was intending when he had a dream that one day his children would judged not by the color of their skin but the content of their character.
    I have interest in McCain and understand the concern but wonder if you would take that challenge to spend a day in solitude and then go to some ravenous kid’s party…AZ has trusted him for some time…it is a shame that people are assuming that because he was a POW that means he suffers from political E.D. and you know what happens when you assume (you make an ASS outta YOU and MAINE).
    My biggest hope is for a bipartisan ticket…and McCain is the most likely canidate to be part of such a ticket.
    I have desire to see Huckabee win the GOP nomination for shallow reasons….I really want to see those I Heart Huckeabee bumperstickers…
    I am challenged by your commitment to learning about the candidates…and will add that to my 29 things to do in my 29th year.
    Great post….in more ways than one.

  5. I would love to be able to vote for Martin Sheen. But I’m not a US citizen and he’s not running. 😦

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